Vein Treatments

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If you are ready to get treatment for unsightly varicose veins, call The Vein Center at MetroDerm, P.C.  where board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Laura Garvey, is committed to providing patients with the highest quality vascular care available. Dr. Garvey specializes in the treatment of all venous diseases.
Varicose veins can be quite alarming to look at.  Because the valves in the veins allow blood to flow in the wrong direction or pool, the veins get enlarged, swollen, and twisty.  They can be blue or dark purple.  If you are experiencing leg pain, aching, or other discomforts, it’s best to get your veins examined and tested.  There are a number of treatments available to provide relief and eliminate the ugly veins.

However, if the patient experiences swelling, aching, and painful legs and is in considerable discomfort, treatment is required. Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options available, including home-care methods.

Vascular conditions, symptoms, and treatments can vary greatly from patient to patient. Dr. Laura Garvey can quickly diagnose specific issues, explain available treatment options, and help chart a clear path to achieving better vascular health. The Vein Center at MetroDerm, P.C. uses the latest medical innovations and technology along with proven therapies to treat each individual patient according to his/her needs.

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More than 23% of adults are thought to be affected by varicose veins. Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the US is affected by varicose veins.

Veins are a specialty at MetroDerm, P.C..  If you have questions about visible or protruding veins, leg pain, or pressure, call MetroDerm, P.C. for a vein screening and consultation.  MetroDerm, P.C. works with insurance companies to file claims for vein care since it impacts the circulatory system. Dr. Garvey provides vein care at the Johnson Ferry/Perimeter office.