CBS Morning News Discusses Skin Cancer

When Dr. Diamondis Papdopoulus discussed skin cancer with CBS Morning News we learned that his patients at MetroDerm, P.C.  have come to expect a wonderful greeting from Dr. Papadopoulos, affectionately known as “Dr. P,” because he is so personable. Dr. P is a dermatologist and a specialist in the detection and treatment of skin cancer who encourages his patients to come in for annual checkups. According to Dr. P “it is important for us to convey to patients that it is much in the favor of all patients to catch skin cancer in the beginning rather than to let it go for an extended time.” He means it. If one of his patients calls with a concern, the office staff makes an appointment at the patient’s earliest convenience. Dr. Papadopoulos says, “We take care of them that day. If we can’t, we insist that we see them the next day.”

If you do need surgery, Dr. P specializes in Mohs surgery, a state-of-the art procedure with high cure rates. He can process biopsies in the on-site pathology lab. The procedure is relatively painless and leaves almost no scarring. One patient stated, “It took Dr. P an hour to put in all the little stiches. They know what they are doing and take much pride in doing a good job.” It’s treatment like that that keeps patients coming back time and time again.

Some of Dr. P’s patients spent their youth on the beach and are now paying for it. Another patient claimed that he has had almost 100 skin cancer lesions removed from his body. Dr. P stated that Basal and Squamous cell lesions are the most common but Melanoma is serious. According to Dr. P, “it is hard for people to understand that a little tiny freckle-like mole and kill you. For that reason, it is imperative for everyone to get regular checkups especially if you notice a mole that is changing color, shape, or size.”  If Dr. P. is in the office and a patient calls with a concern, he makes it a priority to see the patient  that same day– no matter the time. MetroDerm, P.C. has the experts on staff with a dedicated facility to take care of you if you receive a skin cancer diagnosis.

MetroDerm, P.C. offers one-stop shopping, and this is what why many patients happily return to the practice for all their dermatological needs. A long-time patient stated, “Dr. P has a huge heart and is a great doctor – that makes a difference to me.” Personalized service is what sets MetroDerm apart from other practices.

Summer is almost over, but the threat of skin cancer is still very real. Dr. P spends a lot of time looking at slides through a microscope but the most important part of MetroDerm, P.C. is seeing patients. Dr. P says, “We have helped close to 30,000 people. A new patient says “At first I resisted treatment because I don’t like needles. The first procedure that I had, the injection was painless.”

Atlanta, GA, is lucky to have the MetroDerm, P.C. practice with offices located throughout the metro area.  Dr. Papadopoulos and his fellow physicians are well-educated and trustworthy. They care about their patients and want to end their suffering.  You are in good hands with the providers at MetroDerm, P.C.

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