Ray Hall

Ray Hall is a Board Certified Aesthetician and Cosmetologist in addition to being a Licensed Laser Technician and joined MetroDerm’s Aesthetic and Skin Care Center as it’s Clinical Director for Aesthetics in September 2020. Ray began his career in aesthetics approximately fifteen (15) years ago and graduated as a Master Cosmetologist/Aesthetician from the Roffler Aesthetic Academy.

His areas of expertise are vast including lasers, laser hair removal procedures, chemical peels, microdermabrasions, and hydrafacials among others. In addition, Ray has been a trainer and speaker for multiple aesthetic companies including Allergan, Skin Medica and CoolSculpting. Ray’s passion for aesthetics also includes an understanding and knowledge of multiple skin related products which compliment his aesthetic treatments.

In addition to aesthetics and skincare, Ray enjoys and spends time as a long time Atlanta area dance instructor and loves to travel the world.