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Stop being all ears.

If you’re self-conscious about protruding or prominent ears, we can move them closer to your head or diminish their size. Ear pinning surgery can also help modify stretched or large earlobes or ones with significant wrinkles or creases.

Plastic surgery of the external ear, known as otoplasty, is a procedure to change the shape, position, or size of the ears.

Ear Pinning Candidates

A candidate for this elective surgery generally feels that his/her ears stick out too far or their ears are too large for their head. Some individuals have deformed ears due to an accident or birth defect. This surgery can help increase a patient’s confidence and satisfaction with his or her personal appearance. Otoplasty does not change the position of the ears or affect hearing, and the surgery is generally done on both ears for symmetry.

The Consultation

Before the surgery, your surgeon will conduct a complete examination and discuss your aesthetic goals. You will be informed about anesthesia and recommendations will be presented to you. The surgery will be fully explained and any questions you have will be answered. You will not be rushed or pressured in any way.

About the Procedure

The day of surgery, you will receive a medicine to relax you and anesthesia. Internal stitches will be put in place to secure the newly shaped cartilage. External stitches will be used to close the incision, but these are inconspicuously placed, using an advanced technique that results in a natural look. Before you go home, you will be provided thorough post-surgery instructions.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.

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