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A facelift as unique as you.

Just as no two faces are alike, no two facelifts are alike. In fact, our Atlanta facelift plastic surgeons often use multiple techniques, because our goal is to harmonize the features and contours of your face. You’re unique. Shouldn’t your facelift be, too?

In Atlanta, the facelift works for everyone. As men and women age, the lower third of their faces begin to show aging. Besides wrinkles, the skin begins to sag. The lower face and jawline lose definition, and the skin under the chin loosens. Some individuals choose to combine a facelift or mini-facelift with other procedures, including a neck liftbrow lift, or eye lift.

The Mini-Facelift

The mini-facelift is a popular treatment in Atlanta because there is less downtime than a full facelift, where bruising and swelling last longer. The incisions are well- hidden in the natural contours of your face and hairline. The surgical plan for your mini-facelift is personalized for your face and degree of aging.  As a result, the surgery is targeted and less-invasive than a full facelift. You can feel more confident in your appearance with less downtime.

The word “mini” might imply that this surgery is superficial.  This procedure also addresses the immediate underlying muscular system, or superficial muscular aponeurotic system, and the fat tissues. It’s important to understand facial aging is not entirely about the visible skin. The underlying supportive structures play a large role in the skin tone and definition. The muscles must be addressed to make a dramatic and lasting difference.

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The Full Facelift

A full facelift is recommended for those in Atlanta who have signs of aging, such as sagging skin and wrinkles from below the eye area down to the chin line. In a full facelift, the incisions are longer and more skin is removed. More tissue is tightened and moved. The result is full-facial rejuvenation.

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