A Winter Note from Hollywood

A friend who has sons in the business tells us that movie stars don’t look as good in-person as they do on-screen. They look even better. The notoriously unforgiving movie camera has become even harder to get along with in the digital age. 5K video camera work is common, and some are looking for ways to make 12K a standard.

The result? The stars you think are gorgeous are breathtaking. The bar for beauty is even higher than it was in Hollywood’s “golden age,” because the cameras today miss absolutely nothing, and high-definition screens accept perfection and nothing less.

In this uncompromising workplace, Hollywood stars make it their business to master every advantage. Lately, for many, that includes a process known has fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. It is a gentle, no-downtime office procedure that evens skin tone and smooths texture. Fine lines, scars, and pigment clusters disappear, refreshing the skin and leaving it younger-looking. It’s safe for most skin types and imparts long-lasting results.

Winter is unofficial laser season in Hollywood, because skin can be especially sensitive to sun after treatment, and the shorter daylight hours of winter are a natural help in getting the best results.

How Laser Resurfacing Works So Well

Even the best-cared-for skin accumulates an outer layer of dead cells. Sun exposure can cluster pigment in unwanted “age spot” concentrations, and the natural decline in the skin’s production of elastin and collagen causes laxity, wrinkles, and sags. Laser resurfacing goes to work on all these issues.

First, a layer of special lotion is applied to the skin, looking and feeling like a soothing mask. Then, a gentle, precision laser instrument is guided over the surface of your skin. As the instrument moves over your skin, it removes the lotion mask, and with it, a fine layer of outer skin cells, revealing the fresh, vital new surface below them. The long wavelength of light energy travels deep into the dermal layers, where carefully controlled laser energy creates warmth in the dermis, causing the skin to contract. The energy also reactivates the skin’s fibroblasts, stimulating collagen production. The same light energy breaks down melanin, the pigmentation in cells, so the body can remove it and balance tone naturally.

People say the treatment tingles, and most encounter no discomfort. The treatment takes about 20 minutes or so, and people return to their normal activities immediately. One patient wrote that she felt confident in going out to dinner with no makeup, right after her session. Results continue building to full flower about three days after the treatment.

What started for some as a pre-Oscar tune-up became a regular resource, without waiting for an occasion. The good sense of this approach has spread. At MetroDerm, you’ll meet professionals who have mastered the most effective, proven options for helping you achieve your own goals for looking and feeling your best. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is just one of many, and even though more movies and TV are produced in Atlanta nowadays, an autumn note from Hollywood reminded us to bring it to your attention.