Are You Ready for Bikini Season?

You can see it in the gyms, the bike trails, and among pedestrian pathways everywhere. The season of beaches and boats and bikinis might not seem to come soon enough, and yet people everywhere are making thoughtful preparations. Diet and exercise are always good news for the body and for people’s sense of well-being. Yet, the desire to go above and beyond in achieving our goals for appearance and self-image remains strong, and the widespread acceptance of breast augmentation is one prominent example.

Always among the top most requested cosmetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation earned its way into the mainstream of options that people consider as bikini season approaches, and for good reason. Experience and advancements in both materials and procedures have combined to put breast augmentation into the consideration of a quarter million women each year in America alone. Worldwide, the number of breast augmentations is more than 1.8 million annually.

The satisfaction that women report with their procedure is legendary, with 98% of patients saying their results met or exceeded their goals.

Subtle Is the New Spectacular

Just as in facelifts and other cosmetic surgery, the desire of most women is for their breast enhancement to look like them, only more so. Fortunately, refinements in implant materials themselves and in the sheer number of options available make it now possible for women to select the size, volume, and profile they most desire. Along with materials and procedures, the esthetic results of breast augmentation are even better understood now that time and experience have added their contributions.

A better balance between the breasts and the hip contour – and insights about the fullness, profile, and projection of the breasts – are what an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the balance between art and science can bring. These physical features can lead to an improved sense of well-being, and your likelihood of achieving them is overwhelmingly positive, thanks to the options from which you and your plastic surgeon can select today.

A Chat About Choices

It all begins with a personal conversation with a trusted professional. The opportunities that breast augmentation might offer you are as unique as your own goals and desires. A good beginning is to understand that there is nothing artificial about the benefits women receive when they take this step.

Studies of women after breast augmentation surgery see improved health and appearance, self-confidence, self-esteem, and more satisfaction with their social and sexual relationships. In fact, a broad-based quantitative analysis showed increases ranging from 21 to 25 points on a widely used scale of self-esteem, and an increase in sexual desire of more than 78%.

Research shows that women who consider breast augmentation have some degree of concern about their body’s appearance, ranging from slight dissatisfaction to honest distress. This perspective has an impact on self-image, and thus on a person’s whole basis for interacting with the world. There is nothing frivolous about wanting to relieve that discomfort or distress.

We consider it a privilege to become a resource when a woman considers breast augmentation, and we would welcome the opportunity to begin this conversation with you.