The Benefits of Natural Rhinoplasty

Many patients come to my office asking to have their nose changed.  Often I hear requests for removing a hump and making the tip smaller.  In some cases I am asked to improve on a previously done nose job which often requires rebuilding the nose to some degree.  Plastic surgeons have learned a lot since the days of the aggressive and overdone rhinoplasties of the 1980s.

Those procedures often led to an overdone ‘plastic’ appearance that was not only too small but also risked secondary deleterious functional changes like difficulty breathing.  Many of my patients are seeking natural rhinoplasty results that are balanced with the entire face and this is my preferred route as well.  A well done rhinoplasty should only be known to the surgeon and the patient, meaning that unless you tell someone you had something done they would not be able to figure it out.

A well done rhinoplasty should make your nose become a less dominant feature on your face, meaning that attention will first go to your eyes and lips before your nose is noticed.  A future post will cover how digital imaging is used to help plan a rhinoplasty.  Thank you for reading.