Eyelift Surgery In the Office?

Eyelift surgery, or blepharoplasty, is one of the most common procedures I perform. Aging takes a toll on the eyes. The thin skin of the lids sags and the result is a sleepy look. If you think about the majority of your day-to-day interactions, most people look at your eyes while conversing.

Blepharoplasty can rid you of that sleepy look by surgically removing lax skin, fat pads, and bags under the eyes. The benefits of the eyelift are numerous.

Blepharoplasty Can Be Done In the Office

For a procedure on a comparatively small area, there is a lot of “bang for the buck” so to speak. Many of my patients are pleasantly surprised to hear that eyelid surgery– both upper and lower– can often be done in the office with some mild oral sedatives and local numbing medicine. For patients who would rather not go to the operating room, this is a great option. We can keep you comfortable in a safe environment, and you can have your eyelids done under mild sedation. You know something is going on, but you don’t feel it because the area is numbed and you are sedated. In fact, most patients doze into a light sleep during the procedure.

The Operating Room Option

If you feel like doing the procedure in the office is just not for you, we still have the option of doing the procedure in the operating room with general anesthesia.

Financing Options Exist

Credit terms are available under the CareCredit program. Under some conditions, a portion of the eyelid procedure may be covered by your insurance depending on the severity of the upper eyelid heaviness. If you are curious about eyelid surgery, please come in and see me at The Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm for a consultation.