Facelifts and the Basics of Feeling Good

Facelifts and the Basics of Feeling Good

Real satisfaction with facelift surgery comes from not focusing on particular procedures or parts of the face, trying for shortcuts, or following someone else’s fashion. You’ll know you’re in good hands when you find yourself talking with a board-certified plastic surgeon who looks at you, the whole you, and takes care to understand how all the pieces fit together.

With millions of procedures in the bank of experience, looking younger is the easy part of facelifts. Looking like a younger you – that’s the part that takes a rare combination of know-how, talent, and – yes – artistry.

What Experience Can Offer You

The foundation of a great facelift comes from knowing the underlying causes that change our appearance with age. And like beauty itself, those causes are more than skin deep.

Our faces are blessed with some of the best blood flow in the body, and yet the delicate muscles beneath the skin can lose strength as we age. These changes below the skin are among the reasons that even successful non-surgical techniques do not achieve the same results and often can only delay the time when a facelift becomes appropriate.

The skin itself has layers – and different textures across the face and neck – all of which respond in different ways to gravity, the environment, and stress, according to our own unique heredity. The natural layer of fat everyone has under the skin can fall, bunch up, or even disappear in places, changing the youthful contour of the face.

The texture of the skin’s surface may appear to be the focus as we age, but the elasticity of the tissues below it has changed, too. Those layers are part of any real solution. A sensitive, expert facelift takes all these factors into consideration, and uses them to your advantage.

Prime Time for Plastic Surgery

Patients have grown to view facelifts as a normal resource for staying their best selves. The process has moved so far beyond “the rich and famous” that many regard it as part of our way of life. Physicians and patients have come together on a great upward curve of progress in plastic surgery. New techniques allow physicians to offer superb results with easier recovery. These improvements mean many more people are excellent candidates for facelift procedures that are suited to their own situations and goals.

Together these factors mean the state of the art has never been higher, and there’s no reason to wait if you’re considering the advantages of a facelift. And don’t forget the feeling of confidence you’re looking for when you sit down for your consultation. Getting fact-to-face with a physician who listens is the first step a great facelift. Schedule a consultation with me to get started.