Facial Implants: When Injectables are Not Enough

Facial Implants: When Injectables are Not Enough

The new year brings with it a whole lot to consider, and many of us have made – and already broken – our 2022 resolutions. As the calendar turns a page or two, this is also a time when thoughtful people occasionally consider plastic surgery. Surely, it isn’t a subject for adding to list of resolutions. The step is too carefully considered to hurry.

Rather, the pause that follows the holidays often gives people a chance to take up some things they might have been putting off. The quiet of midwinter offers people the perfect opportunity for self-care that may include a cosmetic surgery procedure. A midwinter vacation provides the break they were looking for, to make room for the brief downtime of after-care that plastic surgery can entail. And the short days of winter, together with the indoor activities that come with them, are a favorable environment for nurturing the effects of cosmetic surgery without the stress of sun exposure.

Clarifying the Contour

Sometimes it’s the outline of the face – the proportion and balance – that holds the key to reaching a person’s aesthetic goals. The features within the face are often the subject of cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery, but in certain cases there is a limit to what can be achieved there.

The chin, the cheeks, and the jaw line define the field in which all the other features play their part. Adjusting these boundaries can harmonize every other feature or make it possible for their improvements to shine. Science has provided a variety of materials that are compatible with your bone structure, muscle, and skin. The implants made from these substances marry well with your own tissues to create a new contour with the same texture you know as your own.

When You Need a Long-Lasting Solution

When you and your board-certified plastic surgeon decide that injectables are not likely to provide enough change for the contour you are seeking or that they are not long-lasting enough to be realistic for this particular enhancement, then facial implants may well become part of your discussion.

In the right hands, you can feel secure in choosing this course of action, because the experience behind it is substantial, and the results many people find from facial implants speaks for themselves.

The decision, though, does not speak for itself, and so you’ll want to get the best advice you can find, from an experienced cosmetic surgery practice with an unbiased command of surgical and non-surgical techniques. If the idea of a mid-winter break for self-care appeals to you, with the chance to address some goals for your appearance that you might have been putting off, then now is a good time for us to get together for a well-informed and understanding talk.