Lose that Double Chin Forever

Lose that Double Chin Forever

For many of us, a double chin might seem like a constant companion. For others, it may be a recent arrival, courtesy of life’s experiences and the everywhere power of gravity. Whether we owe our double chin to gravity or heredity, there’s no reason anymore to “just live with it.” Kybella offers a non-surgical solution for fat reduction that is so specific, you might say that making double chins disappear is a specialty.

How an Injectable Can Make Things Smaller

When we think about injectables for restoring youthful appearance, usually we are thinking about filling a line, plumping a lip, or supporting an area where the body’s own collagen might need help to restore volume. In the case of Kybella, the purpose and effect are both quite different. Kybella is the only FDA-approved injection containing molecules that break down the cell walls of fat, so they can be naturally expelled by the body’s own cleansing system.

In other procedures, this fat-disrupting effect has been achieved using heat, cold, and electromagnetic waves, in processes that now have been in use for years. As an FDA-approved injectable, Kybella is a different – and in many cases more direct – way to achieve the same effect.

All About Specificity

Yes, other non-surgical fat reduction techniques are proven and effective, but it is hard to imagine another approach that offers such specificity. By injection, Kybella offers the opportunity to target areas of concern with unsurpassed specificity. The precision we have come to expect from the work of highly trained injectors, in this way, is achievable in a non-surgical technique.

Behind the Double Chin

The attractive, youthful new profile that awaits behind the double chin is an achievable vision thanks to Kybella. Behind the double chin is another way of looking at the various causes, too, and a reminder of the need for a professional, individual consultation, to arrive at a solution that is uniquely suitable for you.

Certainly, deposits of body fat are frequently the source of double chins. Excess weight does not always result in a double chin – where your body stores it has a lot to do with heredity and experience. Yet for many of us, the fullness that comes to the face with age can in many cases find its way behind the chin. This is just one form of double chin. Yours might be the result of other causes, too.

An Unbiased View

This is another good reason to consult with a practice that is expert in more than one solution. Double chins can also be the result of slackening facial muscles that come with age. Your facial structure itself might make you more susceptible. For example, a shorter jawline can by itself contribute to the arrival – or even just the impression – of a double chin. Factors ranging from genetics to anatomy, and even to poor posture can be behind a double chin.

It all adds up to another good reason to have an easy talk with an expert. We’d consider it an honor to consult with you on our own best solution. Just give us a call.