Nurse Injectors: Trained, Talented, and Passionate

Nurse injectors are part of the team at MetroDerm. Like all the professionals there, nurse injectors are carefully selected for their knowledge and skill. Only highly-qualified individuals with experience in the fields of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, facial fillers, and facial rejuvenation techniques practice at The Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm, P.C.

Specializing in Skin

Nurse injectors typically start with a nursing degree because they love their patients and want to help them feel better. Eventually, a potential nurse injector decides to specialize in skin care and rejuvenation. Anti-aging products and procedures become their passion.

Nurse injectors sometimes known as nurse aestheticians want to help their patients look their best which boosts self-confidence and self-image. Great skin can be a personal and professional asset.

Learning the Art of Injection

Once certified as a nurse, injectors go through rigorous training to gain experience. Much of that is accomplished by working with industry professionals and product representatives. Board-certified doctors mentor nurse injectors to teach them about the muscles and anatomy of the skin and face. There are numerous certificates to pursue and obtain.

Skin Science

The science of skin care and skin renewal is broad and wide. Good injectors also have a comprehensive knowledge of product chemistry, lasers, peels, and facials. Helping patients look their best requires extensive education, training, and commitment.

Good communication skills are also paramount for nurse injectors. It’s important to listen carefully as a patient communicates his/her aesthetic goals. Once the goals are established, the injector must help each individual select the right treatment protocol. They help you understand your skin and get the procedures and products you need to have radiant, young-looking skin.

Nurse injectors are highly-trained and licensed professionals with specialty knowledge in dermal fillers and muscle-relaxing products such as Botox. These products are part of an anti-aging regimenn which might also include peels, laser treatments, and plastic surgery.

The Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm houses many experts including cosmetic injectors. Many individuals experiment with injectables before having plastic surgery. Facial rejuvenation boosts self-image and self-confidence. If you want to look your best, injectables are a good start.