One Step Away from a Cool Summer

One Step Away from a Cool Summer

CoolSculpting has become the most popular non-surgical body shaping treatment, providing a way to eliminate fat deposits safely and effectively through the process of cryolipolysis – freezing fat cells for the body to eliminate naturally. With now more than five million treatments worldwide, there is a broad base of experience and a high level of patient satisfaction. As a result, both patients and practitioners are taking a different view about when to use it.

The Sooner the Better

When CoolSculpting became established, many thought of it as a way to fine-tune the results of weight loss from diet and exercise. Others used it to reduce those stubborn areas that seem to hang on despite a person’s best efforts. CoolSculpting today is becoming, for many, an early step in transforming their shape and returning to a youthful silhouette. The rapid results get things going in a positive direction with visible results.

Whether your goal is to be beach-ready in time for summer or to look your best at a wedding, a reunion, or a special occasion, this kind of head start early in your journey can pay dividends, both physically and in terms of your outlook – and your positive outlook can be a key factor for success.

Gone for Good

When we lose weight, our fat cells simply shrink. They are still there, and if we gain weight again, they are all too happy to get big again. Instead, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells and allows the body to discharge them naturally. The fat is crystallized and leaves the body for good. Because there is no change in the fat distribution over untreated areas, CoolSculpting enables you and your clinician to contour the body according to your own goals.

In fact, CoolSculpting reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas by 20% to 25% – and those cells never come back. So, this means you are much more likely to maintain the results of your bodysculpting effort.

What You Can Expect

First, in a personal consultation with one of our highly trained CoolSculpting providers, you’ll develop an overall vision of your bodysculpting goals and exactly where CoolSculpting can help. Then, during your treatment, a gel pad and applicator will direct controlled cooling to the targeted areas. Without needles, without surgery, and without downtime, you’ll receive a direct assist in contouring the silhouette you imagined yet might have doubted you could attain.

Your consultation might well become a day you remember, because the goals, dreams, and desires that you thought to be out of reach can become attainable. The body you dreamed of having this summer is much closer than you think.