Our Favorite Facial and Body Sculpting Treatments for 2023

Our Favorite Facial and Body Sculpting Treatments for 2023

The results and happiness that people experience from certain facial and body sculpting treatments are so memorable and gratifying that they stand out in all our experience. From among the many ways we have of helping people achieve their own best look on the outside – and the wonderful feeling that arises inside when they achieve their goals – we are planning to bring these benefits to even more of our fellow Atlantans as we look ahead to the new year. These are our favorites headed into 2023.

For the Best Skin of Your Life

Hydrafacial® offers a non-invasive, personalized treatment to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin. Best of all, results are achieved in a single treatment and there is no downtime. With Hydrafacial, you see not only fine lines and wrinkles reduce or disappear, but also pore congestion, size, and acne relieved. Dark spots and irregular pigmentation are reduced, while elasticity and firmness increase. Unlike peels or abrasive ways for resurfacing the skin, your fresh face is ready to show as soon as your leave our clinic.

A New Profile and Contour

CoolSculpting® puts a new body contour or a new facial profile in easy reach, eliminating stubborn spots of fat without surgery or downtime. Sometimes, even effective diet and exercise programs are not enough to overcome heredity and lifestyle factors and, so despite your best efforts, there might be more beneath your chin or at your beltline than you intend to show. With CoolSculpting, fat cells are frozen, and the body eliminates them naturally – they never come back.

At first, we saw patients using CoolSculpting to get the finishing touches to their diet and exercise efforts. More often, though, CoolSculpting is becoming a jumpstart procedure, giving patients a head start on the new shape they intend to achieve. Either way, the results and the change in outlook that CoolSculpting can provide make it one of our favorites for 2023.

And Speaking of Cool

The results are what give CoolTone® its name because freezing is not part of the process. Instead, CoolTone uses deep muscle stimulation. CoolTone penetrates past skin and other tissue to specifically target muscles with magnetic impulses. Resulting muscle contractions strengthen and tone your muscles at a supramaximal level.

With a few treatments that last about 30 minutes, body contours and toning improve because the underlying muscle structure has been firmed and strengthened.

Remodeling for Your Skin

The 8 in the name Morpheus8 refers to the 8mm depth that the treatment reaches. Results in skin resurfacing and renewal are so multi-faceted that they have been described as skin remodeling, suitable practically anywhere on the face and body.

Morpheus8 directs radiofrequency energy to a layer of the skin that has proven to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen’s role in your skin’s appearance includes contributing firmness, surface texture, and even the profile you present to the world.

So Many Ways to Help

Because our appearances are so intricately linked to our sense of well-being – and vice versa – we welcome the opportunity to get together and discuss the answers that are uniquely right for you. Whether your concerns include skin surface or pigmentation, facial profile, or body contour, we have answers that involve little or no downtime and build results you can feel, inside and out.

Let’s get together for that chat, as we open our calendars to 2023.