The Importance of a Board-Certified Atlanta Dermatologist

The Importance of a Board-Certified Atlanta Dermatologist

The many reasons for preferring a board-certified Atlanta dermatologist could all be grouped under one heading: Because you never know. It is impossible to predict when you are going to need the degree of knowledge and expertise that board certification assures. Board certification assures that your physician has built – and demonstrated – a complete and thorough dermatological knowledge of what might occur or arise there for treatment.

The stakes are not merely cosmetic – or even aesthetic. The stakes are vital, and they call for medical qualifications.

Beyond Comfort

The expression, “comfortable in your own skin,” is a fine way of describing a very desirable state of mind. Relaxation, acceptance, familiarity, and self-knowledge are just a few of the factors that emanate from this way of being, this style of moving about in the world. Beyond confidence, more sensible than simple optimism, to be comfortable in your own skin implies a deep sense of security.

That kind of security, that sense of light and resilience in the face of life’s challenges and interests, is one of the advantages of making a board-certified Atlanta dermatologist one of the key members of your network in life.

Your Constant Companion

Because it is right under our noses, as well as elsewhere, our skin can too often be taken for granted. What it is, in fact, is our bodies’ largest organ. Our skin is performing essential functions, both night and day, waking and sleeping, some of which we might not even realize. For example, did you know that the skin plays an active role in metabolism, not only in distributing the body’s nourishment, but also in helping to create and convert it? When considering the sophistication of the skin’s role in our health, it might be less surprising that skin disorders affect one in four Americans each year.

Yes, the skin is doing a whole lot more work, and smarter work, than just holding our insides inside. It is large, layered, complex, and capable, and a thorough knowledge of the skin requires – and is worthy of – an extensive education and a rigorous sequence of testing and certification.

On Your Side

This is what you put on your side when you select a board-certified Atlanta dermatologist. His or her medical training includes the diagnosis and treatment of more than 3,000 conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. The connections between skin conditions and underlying conditions elsewhere in the body are also within the scope of the body of knowledge that a board-certified Atlanta dermatologist brings to the dialogue with you about your wellbeing.

Your board-certified Atlanta dermatologist has:

  • Completed medical school.
  • Fulfilled three to four additional years of advanced training.
  • Passed rigorous exams in dermatology to achieve certification.
  • Committed to ongoing professional education to keep up with the latest advances.

We further are committed to making it easy for you to come to this conclusion. It starts with an informal and comfortable conversation, and we look forward to getting acquainted