Who Gets the Most from a Mommy Makeover

Who Gets the Most from a Mommy Makeover

In a recent blog, we mentioned the slang term, mommy makeover, as one of the procedures in which a surgical body lift may play a part. Still wishing there were a more respectful term for it, we wanted to share some thoughts about the mommy makeover, and why it is such a relevant subject for many to consider.

A friend mentioned just yesterday that a parenting consultant she was seeing suggested to her that the first thing to affirm every morning is this: “It seems hard because it is hard.” The respect we have for moms is beyond describing, for all they do and for all they are willing to do, to foster life and shape the experience and upbringing of a child.

What Makes Each Makeover Unique

A mommy makeover can take shape from a tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, facial re-freshening, or any combination that suits a woman’s goals. The lineup and sequence of procedures are as individual as your own goals and challenges, and altogether it can be a fresh start just when you need one. In considering a mommy makeover, many women begin with a loving but realistic look at where so much of the changes of the past nine months took place.

Breasts that have changed size and shape, often dramatically, during pregnancy and early child-rearing can be raised to restore a youthful profile. Often the contour and position of the breasts can be brought back to a silhouette that is even more youthful than before pregnancy. Breast lifts call for the science of a surgeon and the sensitivity of a sculptor. The experience behind this procedure is vast; breast lifts have outnumbered breast implants two-to one.

Pregnancy no longer puts a halt to exercise, thankfully, when advised with care by your doctor, and yet bearing children alters practically every kind of tissue in the mid-section. It may take more than weight loss and exercise to restore tone to the tummy. Stretching is almost certain to happen, and stretch marks vary widely depending on a woman’s own skin response.

A tummy tuck can tighten and restore the abdomen at many levels. Excess skin and fat are often removed, and muscles that may have been stretched, weakened, or even separated during pregnancy can be adjusted surgically. The procedure is well-established, and the field of experience is broad, although the talent of the plastic surgeon you select is still very important.

Mommy makeover time is often the opportunity to address any unmet goals, including the possibility of reshaping thighs and buttocks, whether by surgical techniques, liposuction, or non-invasive options.

How the Family Benefits

The happiness and outlook of the mother plays a real part in the upbringing of her child, and in the support, cooperation, and teamwork she experiences in the family. There’s a down-home truth to the old saying, “When Mommy isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.” And although that may sound a little harsh, the positive side of it is well worth examining.

Even before a mommy makeover, just knowing that one is on the way – or even that the option is available – can make a helpful difference for a woman. In fact, because in most cases the procedures that make up a mommy makeover are best scheduled about six months after giving birth, knowing that help is on the way is very much a part of the process, for the mother and for the family as a whole.

Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon with whom you feel completely confident and at-ease is the first step to a happy result, so let’s get together and talk over the possibilities. Why not plan ahead and make your mommy makeover an experience you look forward to having, as a woman and as a family.