Why Neck Lifts Work So Well

A droopy neck can shout what several other signs of age just suggest – bigger than crow’s feet, laugh lines, and age spots combined. Fortunately, a firm neckline can testify just as powerfully that you are indeed as young as you feel.

As we grow older, skin elasticity has the exasperating quality of seeming to stiffen where we want it to be soft, and yet sagging where we want it to be firm. The layer of fat under everyone’s skin can thicken, thin out, or even bunch-up as we get older. And the muscles of the neck start to take a bit of a rest with age. For some of us the muscle banding pattern we inherit there emerges as visible lines or chords from neck to chin.

Connected with the Skin

The muscles of the neck are unlike other large muscles in that they are connected to the skin. Called the platysma, they are a pair of flat muscles that run from near the collarbone to the jaw and chin. The platysma are arranged like a pair of theatre curtains. As we age, these muscles become thinner, and over time, the force of gravity can cause the “curtains” to sag and separate, revealing the natural layer of fat beneath.

There are some interesting and effective non-surgical techniques for firming the skin under the chin. They show results gradually with repeated treatments, and yet, for most people, they address only the surface of the problem.

Choosing the Whole Solution

Often the preferred solution is a neck lift because it addresses every layer of tissue that appears as a saggy or ropey neck. A key advantage of the neck lift is that it can resolve these issues at every level. And restoring a fine profile, with the close connection between neckline and jaw line, is part of the art of a plastic surgeon.

The best time to consider a neck lift is before the droop gets too far along, doctors often observe. Best results for most people come from procedures that are done within 10 years of the start of an aging process, and that age varies a great deal from person to person, so there is no point in hesitating to select a plastic surgeon who inspires confidence and schedule that consultation.

Enjoying Long-Lasting Results

People who have this procedure rarely must consider it again, and so long-lasting results are another reason people opt for a neck lift. In just a few weeks, most people are enjoying an appearance that might seem new, if not for the fact that it’s the appearance they always felt inside and pictured outside.

Patients are usually counseled to plan for a week of downtime from work. Because the very nature of the neck lift is that the approach is comprehensive, comfort and recovery time are reduced when the neck lift is performed before aging conditions progress too far. Let’s get together and talk over the possibilities, because selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon with whom you feel completely confident and at-ease is the first step to a happy result.