Why Women Love Brazilian Butt Lifts

Why Women Love Brazilian Butt Lifts

Not too long ago, Brazilian butt lifts were so popular that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons called 2015 “the year of the rear.” The popularity of enhancing the line of the hindquarters has continued since then. In fact, to this day, there is an annual competition in San Diego called the “Rear of the Year,” in which women nominate themselves and a winner is selected through online voting.

Buttock augmentation surgery got shortened to butt lift; never mind that “butt” might not be a term our parents would have welcomed from us when we were kids. The nickname is here to stay.

Olympic Proportions

More specifically, “Brazilian butt lift” is the name of a procedure pioneered by a Brazilian plastic surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy who became so famous and popular that he was selected to help carry the Olympic flame to the stadium for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

The reason the name stuck is because, for many people, Brazil brings to mind the distinctive style of swimsuit seen for generations on Brazilian beaches. It is very likely that “The Girl from Ipanema” of the famous samba-jazz composition was wearing just such a bikini.

The physique that goes with that look is the goal that made Brazilian butt lift such a popular term. It just fits.

Flexible and Fitting

The results of a Brazilian butt lift transform derrieres that might be small, flat, asymmetrical, or sagging. Successful weight loss often contributes to a person’s interest in the Brazilian butt lift. Because of the personalized flexibility of this procedure, most people who select it are very pleased with the results.

Naturally, sitting directly on the buttocks is out for a while following the surgery, and a compression garment that is worn for the first couple of weeks improves comfort and helps speed recovery. Most people take time off from work during this time to avoid sitting and afford the best environment for the Brazilian butt lift to take shape.

The Body’s Own Assets

What really makes a butt lift Brazilian is the specific approach. A Brazilian butt lift uses tissue from elsewhere in the body to augment the buttocks and achieve the profile desired. Fat cells that people are glad to see depart from the tummy, the thighs or the hips are used. Fat is purified and processed selectively before being reintroduced into the body; only about one-fourth of the fat removed qualifies to be used in the augmentation.

The Brazilian approach avoids issues of incompatibility that arise occasionally when implants are used. In the hands of an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, augmentation can be directed very precisely to a personalized shape by injecting fat cells, rather than adopting the pre-formed shape of an implant.

Qualified and Ready

A pre-operative physical exam confirms a person’s readiness for the procedure. Generally, people in good health take to it well. As always, the process begins with a comfortable – and comforting – talk with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. We would be happy to have that conversation and look forward to discussing your goals.