Plastic Surgery for the Breast

Breast SurgeryBreast Surgery: Different types of breast surgery can help women achieve the breasts they desire.  When the natural shape and size of our breasts is not what we would like it to be, we now have the option to make the personal decision to “do something” about our breasts. For women who had augmentation breast surgery at a younger age, it could be time to change implants or remove scar tissue that may have formed. Repair/revision surgery, to correct a poor outcome from an earlier surgery, can also be done by our qualified surgeons. The experienced board-certified surgeon, Dr. Farzad Nahai at MetroDerm P.C. in Atlanta, GA, will do a full medical background check and discuss your surgical needs with you.

The average age women elect to get breast augmentation is 34, but there is no magic age to schedule breast surgery.  At 34, for many, the childbearing years are complete and they are emotionally mature enough to make the decision to have surgery.  Financial considerations are important.  There is financing available, but one must be able to make monthly payments on the plan. To inquire about the latest products on the market for implants, schedule a consultation at MetroDerm PC where you will meet with an expert surgeon who will answer your questions. Bring your concerns to us, and we will help you feel good and look your best.

Breast Surgery Options:

There are a number of possible considerations when it comes to changing the shape and size of the breast:

  • Breast Augmentation: Uses implants to enhance the size and shape
  • Breast Lift: Raises and reshapes sagging breasts
  • Lift and Implant: Combines a breast augmentation and breast lift procedure to enhance the position and size of breasts
  • Nipple Reduction: Adjustment of long, droopy or asymmetrical nipples
  • Areolar Reduction: Reduction of the area of dark, pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple
  • Implant Exchange: Removal and replacement of implants
  • Cosmetic Breast Repair/Revision: Repair of poor outcomes such as rippling and implant positioning
  • Anatomic Breast Implants: New, FDA-approved, teardrop anatomic-shaped gel implants
  • Capsulectomy: Removal of implant scar tissue.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.

If you are considering breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or revision breast repair, contact MetroDerm, P.C. with offices to serve individuals all around the metro Atlanta, GA, area, Hiram, Alpharetta, and Lilburn.